Bulletin #1

To this day, 78 organizations and over 700 people have also signed our manifesto extolling municipal, provincial and the federal governments to forbid the use of plastic bullets and explosive weaponry for crowd control purposes (you can consult the list of signatory organizations at the bottom of our manifesto on the website). More than 500 people, including you, have chosen to receive news from the campaign and to be informed about opportunities to get involved: here they are!


Manifester sans peur is an initiative from protesters and activists preoccupied by the use of so-called “less lethal” weaponry. Some of them have been injured seriously by police forces during various protests.

The campaign came in response from Quebec superior court’s judgment in Grenier v. Montreal and from investigative reporting from Radio-Canada’s Enquête on Feb. 1 which revealed how little oversight there was surrounding the use for less lethal weapons during the Summit of the Americas in Quebec city, 2001 and during the 2012 student protests.

Less lethal weapons pose a threat to both the physical integrity and lives of people facing them, well beyond protests.

They are most often used during interventions against people of colour, homeless people and/or persons with mental health issues. Protesting without fear is one collective among many others aimed  at stopping police impunity and the danger surrounding these kinds of armament. We stand in solidarity with struggles led by other organizations fighting to ban these weapons in various contexts of police intervention. You can read our thoughts on the topic here (in french for now, english forthcoming), as well as an article signed by collective members in Ricochet.


We wish for every person and organization that is worried about the use of intermediary weapons to reappropriate Protesting without fear, its main revendications, in order to create alliances throughout Québec* and Canada*.

We need to bring the struggle on many fronts, be it at the municipal, provincial and federal levels. Here’s the non-exhaustive list of police corps which maintain intermediary weapons in their armouries: Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Sûreté du Québec, Service de police de la ville de Montréal, Service de police de la ville de Québec, Service de police de la ville de Sherbrooke and the Service de police de la ville de Gatineau.

If you have any suggestions for actions, wish to create a mobilization committee in your own town or any other idea that could be relevant to the sucess of the campaign, you can write to us via this form or by email (see below). Please also contact us if you believe you have particular skills or contacts which you believe could be useful to us.

Right now, the campaign is especially looking for help in research and in graphic design. We want to consolidate our knowledge on this weaponry and also produce interesting (and good looking) material to spread this information around. If you believe you could contribute, drop us a line!


Projet Montreal and intermediary weapons

In Montreal, the next working session of the Public Safety Commission will be on the topic of the use of intermediary weapons by the SPVM. We invite you to participate, either in your name or in the name of the organization you represent.

All the details are here. In brief:

Where: 275 Notre-dame est, in the municipal council room, Champ-de-mars metro station.
Facebook event.

If you cannot be there, you can write a message to Alexander Norris, the president of the Commission, as well as to other commissioners to express your critiques of the use of intermediary weapons (whether during protests or during patrols) and request that their use be forbidden. You can also request that the Commission holds another public hearing on intermediary weapons soon, at a more accessible time of the day and which would allow for presentations from the public. We remind you that Projet Montreal promised to ban the use of plastic bullet during demonstrations before they got elected – do not hesitate to remind them of that promise!

If you are available early evening on April 23rd, please book that evening for us. An event parallel to the next city council meeting is being planned as we speak- more information soon!

G7 protests

The protests surrounding the G7 summit will take place relatively soon and will mostly take place in Quebec City. We know that intermediary weapons will be deployed and will probably be used on protesters. Do not hesitate to express your concerns to Ralph Goodale (federal minister of public safety), Martin Coiteux (provincial minister of public safety) and Régis Labeaume (mayor of Quebec City). Ask them to give directives so that these dangerous and indiscriminate weapons are not used against protesters. If local folks would be interested to get together and organize something prior to the protests in this vein, please get in touch with us.

In solidarity,
Protesting without fear

manifestersanspeur@gmail.com / Facebook / Twitter

* We recognize that we are on unceded indigenous territories.

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